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Puppy Pre-School! 

How to set your puppy up right from the start, resolve all those puppy problems and teach your puppy to be calm and well-behaved... as little as 7 days!


Raising your new puppy is easy when you have a tried and tested puppy raising blueprint!  

My online Puppy Pre-School fixes all those puppy problems straight away, like toileting everywhere, biting, chewing, jumping up, barking, whining, crying, chasing the kids... and teaches your puppy essential skills to be well-behaved, like sit, down, settle, go to a mat, stay, focus, loose leash walking, come when called and much more!   

Don't get stuck on the 'how to' when it comes to raising your perfect puppy.   

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Here's What You'll Learn... 

  • Tools to prepare you for the arrival of your new puppy.
  • How to give your puppy the best possible start to life and transform them into a calm, confident, well-behaved dog
  • Resolve every puppy issue like toilet training, puppy biting, chewing, jumping up, barking, crying when left alone, sleepless nights, over-excitement, plus much, much more.
  • Teach essential foundation skills (like how to focus on you, sit, lie down, stand, touch, go to a mat and settle, wait/stay, walk beside you on a loose leash, greet people politely and come when called) with rewards-based training methods.
  • Prevent common behaviour problems from coming up further down the track.
  • Build an unbreakable bond with your puppy so they listen to you easily.
  • Hot tips from a qualified, experienced Puppy Expert who will hold your hand (and your puppy's paw!) through every step of your puppyhood journey.

Here's What You'll Get

Step By Step Video Tutorials

I'll walk you through my puppy raising blueprint, step by step, with demonstration videos to resolve every puppy issue and teach essential life skills.

Lifetime Access

You'll have lifetime access to the modules so you and your family can pause and repeat when ever you need to, both before and after your puppy arrives.

Private Facebook Group

Meet and network with other new puppy parents and get all your puppy questions answered by me, your Puppy Expert, straight away.  8 weeks membership.

Learn how to raise your perfect puppy from a Puppy Expert today so you're not wasting valuable time or money working it out for yourself.

Set your puppy up right from the start.  

Easily resolve all the common puppy issues. 

Breeze through puppyhood.  

Create your Perfect Puppy today.

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About Your Expert

Why take a course from Kelly Brown?

Hey, I’m Kelly Brown (BSc Hons (Psych), CPDT-KA, PMCT1). 

I know what it feels like to have a dog you absolutely love cause you stress, frustration and embarrassment because of their annoying behaviour problems. 

I also know the look of relief that spreads across a dog parent’s face when they finally start to see changes in their dog’s behaviour in as little as 10 minutes a day.  I see it daily in my Facebook group with dog parents finally enjoying precious time with their dog.

With a global career in human resources, a psychology degree, dog training qualifications and having worked alongside some of the most influential dog specialists in the world, I’ve dedicated my life to understanding both human and dog behaviour.

That’s what makes my programmes unique.  By blending my expertise, my programmes work with you – the dog parent – to ensure you’re learning and implementing the training techniques into your life.  My programmes also take into account how different dogs respond, ensuring lasting results for everyone. 

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Here's What Some Of Our Puppy Pre-School Programme Clients Say...

Nic Poz, Obi's Mum

"We came to puppy training a bit late due to lockdown, but with Kelly's expert guidance our 5 month old toy poodle Obi has come on in leaps and bounds in the past 2 weeks. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

The online puppy school is so interactive, supportive, informative, encouraging and importantly for me, reassuring. Thank you Kelly!!!"

"We have not had a puppy for 20 years and Kelly's knowledge, support and guidance is making this experience so rewarding for our whole family... Kelly is so genuine, authentic and full of wisdom... so glad we found you!

Kelly Brown is a natural teacher and incredibly passionate.  I would say this programme has been a life-saver... Kelly's support through the twice-weekly zoom calls, facebook page and then don't get me started about how brilliant all the online modules are !!! amazing... "

Sharelle Tulloh, Kita's Mum

"100% recommend!  Getting a puppy is like having a newborn... but Kelly has certainly made it a million times easier with all her tips and guidance.

Kelly’s online puppy programme is just what we needed when we made a rather quick decision to get a puppy - a crash course on all the vital information to make sure we put all the things in place to start off the right way with our new fur baby.  We had all the information at hand to prep for the day of Kita’s arrival, to getting her settled at home and right through to all the vital skills training (for the puppy and us....ok, mainly us! ).  Kelly is super knowledgeable and offers a holistic package to help troubleshoot along the way.  Thank you Kelly!"

Kylie Woolcock, Winston's Mum

"For me, the winning features for me of the puppy pre-school programme have been...

1. Having access to advice and guidance when it's needed, because you just don't know when you're going to deal with different behavioural aspects, so it's great to have Kelly to talk to, and be able to refresh with the modules, as needed (and repeated as needed);  2. Consistency across every aspect. You can go online and get a bit of advice here or there, but knowing that the same principles are applied across every area, ensures our pups are not getting mixed messages; 3. Having videos of real life training to follow;  4. It works; 5. The moral support from the puppy community - it's so comforting hearing everyone is going through similar issues, and them come out successfully the other side."

Nat Potter, New Puppy Parent

"Kelly’s online program is simply fabulous and worth every cent and more!!! 

The online puppy pre-school programme is extremely well done, easy to use and loaded with so much information. My only complaint is that it is soooo good that my children and domestic duties are suffering!!! I have also been very impressed with Kelly’s friendliness, knowledge and her willingness to help at any time, as well as her prompt reply to questions that arise. We have only just begun our puppy training journey and we are thankful for getting on board with Kelly during this crucial stage."

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