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Your dog doesn’t seem to hear you when it’s time to come inside but they sure can hear you open the fridge from three rooms away.


Let’s face it.  Your dog has mastered selective hearing.

It’d be funny if it wasn’t a constant worry. 

Letting your dog off lead feels like a gamble you’re not willing to take. Even if they come back 50% of the time, you can’t trust them completely. 

There’s always the worst-case scenario firmly planted in the back of your mind. Approaching a dog that bites first. Knocking over a child in the park. Bolting down the road chasing a cat. 

The safety of your pooch is number one.

Which is why you’ve completely given up on the idea of letting them off leash. 

It’s just not worth the risk. But every time you see the other pups at the park happily playing, enjoying morning sniffs, exploring their environment, and pottering around, you get a pang of guilt. 

You hate restricting your sidekick to the leash. 

You don’t have to anymore.

With the right tools, you can rapidly build a strong, reliable recall so you can be 100% confident they’ll come back to you first time, every time.


Walking into the dog park after a night of rain. The smells are fresh for the sniffing. You let them off the lead knowing that at any moment when you call their name, they’ll immediately spin around and run back to you at top speed.

Bikes zoom past. Not a worry. 

The kids arrive at the playground. A cinch.

A bird flies overhead. You don’t blink an eyelid.

Total Rapid Recall.

Your dog comes back to you not because you mean-screeched their name out at 200 decibels trying to get their attention. Your pooch comes back to you willingly because they want to. Because being with you is the best thing about being in the park.

You love these park sessions. Nothing puts a smile on your face when you see your dog’s tail turn into a windmill as they explore their environment. 

With a clear path forward, you’ve fixed the problem.

You trust yourself. You trust your dog. And you’re both finally having fun.

It’s not just possible. It’s as simple as following the formula. 


Rapid Recall Formula


The fast-acting formula to teach your dog to come back to you when called the first time, every time – no matter where you are.

It doesn’t matter if your dog has never learnt how to come back. It doesn’t matter if your dog comes back 50% of the time. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are. Or how old or young they are. 

Your dog isn’t broken. And contrary to popular belief, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Your dog can learn. In fact, your dog loves learning. Especially when they’re learning with positive reinforcement.

Here's What You'll Get...

The Fast-Acting Rapid Recall Formula

The fast-acting rapid recall formula that builds a reflex recall so your dog immediately spins around and runs back to you at top speed quickly, easily and willingly.

My Exact Method

The exact method I use with my private clients to train a dog to come back at 100% total recall and without using force, fear or intimidation

Detailed Training Plan

A training plan with actionable steps to keep you focused on achieving results in as little as 10 minutes a day.

Private Facebook Group For Expert Advice

Membership to the private Facebook group to share your progress, ask questions and troubleshoot any issues you might be experiencing so you’re guaranteed results.

Your Investment: $98.50 (Usually $197)

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Why take a course from Kelly Brown? 

Hey, I’m Kelly Brown (BSc Hons (Psych), CPDT-KA, PMCT1). 

I know what it feels like to have a dog you absolutely love cause you stress, frustration and embarrassment because of their annoying behaviour problems. 

I also know the look of relief that spreads across a dog parent’s face when they finally start to see changes in their dog’s behaviour in as little as 10 minutes a day.  I see it daily in my Facebook group with dog parents finally enjoying precious time with their dog.

With a global career in human resources, a psychology degree, dog training qualifications and having worked alongside some of the most influential dog specialists in the world, I’ve dedicated my life to understanding both human and dog behaviour.

That’s what makes my programmes unique.  By blending my expertise, my programmes work with you – the dog parent – to ensure you’re learning and implementing the training techniques into your life.  My programmes also take into account how different dogs respond, ensuring lasting results for everyone. 

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