Stop Your Dog Jumping Up!

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Are you tired of your dog's over-exuberant greetings, launching themselves at you, jumping all over you, scratching your legs and ruining your clothes?

Are you embarrassed about visitors coming over and dread letting them in the door because the moment they arrive, your dog turns into a barking, lunging, jumping mess who won't settle and you struggle to control?

Do you feel overwhelmed when you're out walking with your dog and they spot a person a mile away, drag you towards them with all their body weight then jump all over them, covering them in muddy paw prints and slobbery kisses?


Then this programme is for you!


Teach your dog to stop jumping up all over you and other people AND greet people calmly and politely, keeping all four paws on the floor.

You'll have a clear path to having a well-trained dog that people compliment you on!

It's the difference between having an out-of-control dog who launches themselves towards unsuspecting people... or a well-trained dog who greets people politely with all four paws on the floor!

Join Stop Your Dog Jumping Up For $47 >>

Here's What You'll Learn...

Step 1


Create a plan to immediately put a stop to your dog jumping up on everyone in every scenario!

Step 2


Use timing to bring out calmness in your dog around people and prevent over-excited greetings.

Step 3


Learn what you might be doing to reinforce jumping up without knowing it... and what you should do instead!

Step 4


Teach your dog five key skills to give you and your dog the confidence to handle greetings perfectly.

Step 5


Incorporate the five key skills for greeting people into your dog's daily life so they keep four paws on the floor!

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Here's What You'll Get...

Step-by-step Video Lessons

I'll walk you through my Five Step formula to immediately stop your dog jumping up on people AND teach them polite greetings so they keep four paws on the floor!


Downloadable Workbook with actionable steps to reinforce key concepts and keep you focused on achieving results with as little as 10 minutes a day.

Lifetime Access

You'll have lifetime access to the modules so you and your family can pause and repeat whenever you need to.

Stop your dog jumping on people STRAIGHT AWAY and be confident your dog will greet people calmly with four paws on the floor!