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The Ultimate Dog Programme! 

How to create a calm, well-behaved dog who listens to you FIRST time... EVERY time.


When your dog joined your family you probably didn’t realise that their behaviour was going to cause so much frustration and overwhelm in your life.


The truth is, waiting until your dog is older, trying to work things out for yourself, spending hours trawling the internet, getting advice from friends and feeling stuck without knowing where to turn next isn’t going to resolve your dog’s behaviour problems or create the life you imagined with your dog.

The answer to transforming your dog into a calm, well-behaved dog who listens to you first time, every time is to follow a step-by-step online dog training programme with personalised support from your qualified and experienced expert trainer.   It's the answer to removing stress and anxiety.  The answer to building an unbreakable bond with your dog.  The answer to more freedom and living your best lives together. 

Are you ready to take action?  Are you wondering what the next step is to get started?  If you want to fix your dog’s behaviour problems and completely transform the lives of you and your dog…

...Follow a tried and tested Dog Training Blueprint that works.

Without using force, fear and intimidation with your dog and instead using rewards and science-based training which builds trust, supercharges your relationship and creates an unbreakable bond.


Solving your dog’s behaviour problems and achieving long-lasting results isn't about creating quick fixes.

It’s about taking a wholistic view on changing your dog’s behaviour, starting with creating a dog who is happy and healthy on the inside.  It’s about understanding why your dog is doing the things you don’t like, finding solutions to target the root cause of the behaviour, putting a plan in place to limit their ability to practice those things then setting them up in a way they can learn and choose the right behaviours.    

How do you find solutions that work, target the root cause of behaviour problems and fix their behaviour for GOOD?  The answer is…

The Ultimate Dog Programme


If you want to put an end to your dog’s behaviour problems for good.  If you want to have a dog who listens and responds to you willingly and easily in every situation.  And if you want a stress-free life with your dog with more freedom

Then it’s about implementing the fastest, easiest way to teach your dog how behave in real life scenarios with actionable steps and one-on-one expert advice and support… all while having FUN!

The Ultimate Dog programme will give you the exact dog training blueprint I’ve used with thousands of my clients to completely transform their dogs into calm, focused, well-behaved best friends they always dreamed of.

It all starts with the Ultimate Dog Programme.

About Your Expert

Why take a course from Kelly Brown?

Hey, I’m Kelly Brown (BSc Hons (Psych), CPDT-KA, PMCT1). 

I know what it feels like to have a dog you absolutely love cause you stress, frustration and embarrassment because of their annoying behaviour problems. 

I also know the look of relief that spreads across a dog parent’s face when they finally start to see changes in their dog’s behaviour in as little as 10 minutes a day.  I see it daily in my Facebook group with dog parents finally enjoying precious time with their dog.

With a global career in human resources, a psychology degree, dog training qualifications and having worked alongside some of the most influential dog specialists in the world, I’ve dedicated my life to understanding both human and dog behaviour.

That’s what makes my programmes unique.  By blending my expertise, my programmes work with you – the dog parent – to ensure you’re learning and implementing the training techniques into your life.  My programmes also take into account how different dogs respond, ensuring lasting results for everyone. 

The Five Dog Training Blueprint Steps to completely transform your dog's behaviour...

Step 1

Understand your dog by interpreting their body language.  Put a plan in place to help them conquer their fears, reduce the stress in their life and do more of the things they love to create a calmer, happier, optimistic and resilient dog.

Step 2

Ensure your dog is healthy from the inside out!  Diet, mental enrichment, physical exercise, rest and human interaction play an important part in having a balanced, confident and well-rounded dog 

Step 3

Set clear and consistent boundaries and expectations for your dog.  Limit their ability to do the wrong thing and make it easy for them to do the right thing!  Implement long-term solutions that target the root cause of unwanted behaviours and solve them so they are gone for good.

Step 4

Teach your dog how to be calm and well-behaved in every situation and learn how to help them handle distractions in the environment.  Use rewards-based training methods which build and strengthen your relationship together and create an unbreakable bond so your dog easily and willingly listens to you.

Step 5

Supercharge your dog’s learning by making training sessions fun and make YOU the most valuable part of the training process… without having to rely on external tools!  Follow a fast, effective dog training blueprint to transform your dog’s behaviour from crazy to calm with just a few minutes a day.  

Bethany and Nova (Border Collie) Smarelli, Victoria, Australia

“There’s so much value in the online format of the programme, I found it incredibly informative and it’s great for every new dog owner.

I tried Kelly's Puppy Pre-School programme and loved it so came back to do the Ultimate Dog programme.

The best part of the programme has been the group calls, not only in getting extra content on top of the modules but also understanding that what your dog is going through is normal and you have the support of Kelly and others in the programme.

Ultimate Dog Programme

This step-by-step online dog training and mentoring programme will transform your dog into a calm, well-behaved dog who listens to you FIRST time… every time!

The Ultimate Dog Programme will take your hand (and your dog’s paw!) and help you fix your dog’s behaviour problems, creating a calm, well-behaved dog.  Zero overwhelm here.

The Ultimate Dog Programme will give you the the tools, techniques and step-by-step videos to transform your dog’s behaviour instead of paying expensive trainers.  Your bank account thanks you.

The Ultimate Dog Programme will give you the exact steps to help you implement as you learn.  Easy.  Actionable.  Effortless.

It's the difference between watching your dog's behaviour problems get worse... or fixing the problems for good.

Ryan, Mark and Rex (Staffordshire Terrier), Victoria, Australia

“This programme has been amazing, we are so lucky we found you!  We had tried previous online training which wasn’t successful. 

We came to this programme with a rescue dog.  Everything you have in your programme has built trust between Rex and us and now he’s a completely different dog!

It’s so helpful to have the videos there to refer back to.  We’ve built the foundations which is exactly what we needed.

We couldn’t have achieved what we wanted through in-person group classes because Rex wouldn’t have coped with lots of other dogs, so this has been perfect for us and him!

When you create your Ultimate Dog, here’s what happens…

  • You understand your dog on the deepest level and you turn their struggles into real-life, incredible, long-term strengths in a way that is fun, engaging and makes so much sense!
  • You understand how your dog learns and know the most effective, fastest and easiest way to teach them something new… including how to listen to you and be super responsive to anything you ask, whether it’s at home or out and about.
  • You communicate easily with your dog, reignite the fun in your relationship and you are living your best life together!

Here’s What Your Programme Includes...

  • 8 training modules with 32 videos, including how to bring out the best in your dog, set up your household, teach vital foundation skills, build relaxation and calmness in your dog, supercharge your dog’s focus, walk beside you on a loose leash and come back when you call.
  • A detailed training plan and protocols to methodically build each of the essential skills around distractions, from inside your home to out and about.
  • Step-by-step training videos demonstrating how to teach each of the skills, from beginner through to advanced, which you can watch as many times as you need to.
  • Templates and worksheets you can tailor specifically for your dog to fast-track your progress with as little as 10 minutes a day

Here's What We'll Cover In Each Module

Module 1: Bring Out The Best In Your Dog

  • Learn about the importance of nutrition and mental enrichment
  • Understand what your dog is telling you through their dog body language 
  • Manage your dog’s hormone levels to transform them into a super chilled canine family member

Module 2: Set Up Your Household

  • Learn what you can do to right away to create calmness in your dog and their environment 
  • Set clear and consistent expectations for your dog to prevent behaviour problems and live a stress-free life
  • Get the whole family on board with your dog’s new routine

Module 3: Teach Vital Foundation Skills

  • Learn the easiest, most effective way to train and communicate with your dog
  • Teach vital foundation skills from beginner through to advanced
  • Create laser focus from your dog so they listen to you first time, every time, both inside and outside

Module 4: Build Relaxation and Calmness

  • Teach your dog how to relax and stay in one spot when you need them to, whether it’s beside you when you have visitors over, at the edge of the kitchen when you’re getting dinner ready or at a café when you’re enjoying brunch!

Module 5: Solve Common Behaviour Problems

  • Barking, digging, jumping up on furniture and not getting off, stealing items and not giving them up, reactivity on walks and many more!

Module 6: How To Behave When Visitors Arrive

  • Learn the secrets to having a dog who is calm when guests arrive, greets people politely instead of jumping up and can relax quietly beside you when you’re entertaining so you can include your dog, instead of excluding them

Module 7: Walk Beside You On A Loose Leash

  • Take the stress and frustration out of walks by teaching your dog to walk calmly beside you on a loose leash and focus on you around distractions instead of lunging and barking at the end of the lead and completely ignoring you!

Module 8: Come Back When Called - Rapid Recall

  • Are you afraid to let your dog off leash because they won’t come back?
  • My Rapid Recall Formula teaches your dog to come back to you in ANY situation so your dog chooses YOU over everything else

Coby & Dozer (American Staffordshire Terrier) Hill, Victoria, Australia

“Kelly, your support through the programme has been fantastic and you’ve provided the one-on-one training we needed.  It’s the best money we’ve ever spent on dog training, it’s definitely worth it!

We tried in-person puppy training until a puppy was attacked by another dog, plus Dozer was too overwhelmed.  We then had a private trainer and it was too expensive.  I was exhausted, Doxer was too much for me and I wasn’t enjoying the training.

The programme has been amazing and it offers so much content with demonstrations, instructions and tips so I know exactly what to do.  My family members have watched the modules too and I can also re-watch the recorded group Q&A calls so I don’t miss anything.

I couldn’t have done it without you, I’m stoked… thanks, Kelly!

Plus get your hands on these EPIC bonuses...

Bonus #1: Weekly LIVE Group Coaching

Each week for eight weeks we’ll meet over Zoom for a LIVE group coaching call (total of eight group coaching calls).  

In each of these 60-90 minute coaching calls I’ll answer questions that aren’t covered in the pre-recorded modules and are specific to you and your dog.  We’ll check in on your progress as you work through the programme… this keeps you and your dog on the right track and helps you smash your goals!

Bonus #2: Private Inner Circle Facebook Group

If there’s ever a time you need support and accountability, it’s when you’re implementing changes to meet your goals with your dog – it can be lonely and overwhelming sometimes!  

That’s why you’ve got access to our Inner Circle facebook group – a community of like-minded dog parent Ultimate Dog Programme BFF’s.  Ask all your questions between group coaching calls to get them answered straight away and post your training videos for real-time feedback to maximise your learning!

Enrol now and create your Ultimate Dog

Enrol Now!

Your Risk-Free Opportunity To Transform Your Dog's Behaviour.

Membership: AU$47/month

  • 32 Ultimate Dog online lessons
  • Weekly group Q&A calls with Kelly for one-on-one support  with your dog
  • Private Ultimate Dog Inner Circle facebook group to ask questions and post videos for feedback 

Premium Package:

One-time payment of  AU$470

  • 30-minute Strategy Call with Kelly to create a personalised training plan for you and your dog so you GET RESULTS!
  • Lifetime access to 32 Puppy Pre-School PLUS 32 Ultimate Dog online lessons
  • 12 months of weekly group Q&A calls with Kelly for one-on-one support with your dog
  • 2 months membership to the Puppy Pre-School facebook group
  • 12 months membership to the Ultimate Dog Inner Circle facebook group

Your dog will thank you for it!

7 Day Happiness Guarantee

I’ve got your back.  Take us for a spin and test drive your Ultimate Dog Programme for 7 days, 100% risk free.

Give the modules a go.  Implement the education.  Do the work.  Then, if for any reason you’re not satisfied, write to me within 7 days and I’ll happily refund your investment.    

Your Get your Dog Training Blueprint that works to create YOUR Ultimate Dog.

Imagine having a dog in your life who makes life more fun and brings you joy.  Every. Single. Day.

Who you know inside and out.  Who you’ve helped through their behaviour struggles.  Who can be calm and well-behaved at home when they’re left alone, when visitors come over, as soon as you step out the front door and when they see other dogs and people.  

A dog who you can trust, you’re proud of and you’re living your best life together with – the dog you always dreamed of. 

The Ultimate Dog programme will get you there.

The Recap:

  • 8 training modules with 32 videos, including how to bring out the best in your dog, set up your household, teach vital foundation skills, build relaxation and calmness in your dog, supercharge your dog’s focus, walk beside you on a loose leash and come back when you call
  • A detailed training plan and protocols to methodically build each of the essential skills around distractions, from inside your home to out and about 
  • Step-by-step training videos demonstrating how to teach each of the skills, from beginner through to advanced, which you can rewind and repeat as many times as you need to
  • Templates and worksheets you can tailor specifically for your dog to fast-track your progress and get the whole family on board 

Enrol now and create your Ultimate Dog >>

Enrol Now!

Chantelle & Doug (Labrador/Staffordshire Terrier Cross) York, Victoria, Australia

“I’m really happy with the programme and am so glad we’ve done it, it’s definitely been worth it for us! 

I’ve found the content really good, I’m someone who likes to have everything there, the why, the how, the do’s and the don’ts, because it helps my understanding and puts me in a better position to teach my dog.  I’m glad the programme is ours for lifetime, especially having my first dog in 10 years.  Doug is so much better with the basics and with my two year-old daughter – he

Elissa & Windy (Spoodle) Mehegan, Perth, Western Australia

“I’d highly recommend the Ultimate Dog Programme to other dog owners.  

The Ultimate Dog programme was very thorough and provided us with a lot of useful and interesting information, training tools and resources that we can keep referring back to.  I am now more aware of what Windy’s behaviours mean, how to manage them for his benefit (and mine!), how to enrich his days and how to assist him to be a calmer, more well mannered dog.”  

Ann & Jake (Labrador/Staffordshire Terrier Cross) Morrison, Christchurch, NZ

“What Kelly has been able to achieve with Jake (and me!) has been nothing short of miraculous. 

Jake came to me as a rescue dog – a loving but boisterous chap.  Kelly taught me how to handle Jake and has given me a much better understanding of dogs in general.  Jake and I have become a great team, he is a wonderful companion and I feel confident with him.”

Julie Best, Best for Pets Owner, Christchurch, NZ

“Kelly is an amazing trainer, with huge amounts of knowledge. 

She also places an emphasis on a gentle, kind, scientifically based approach to training, which is evidenced by her continuing education.  I have watched Kelly in action many times and I have always been impressed by her calm, gentle approach and true affinity with dogs and puppies.” 

Atalie Michelle-Walding, Friends for Life Shelter, Houston, TX, USA

“Kelly is not only an amazing trainer, but an amazing person. 

I had the pleasure of working with Kelly when she volunteered at the shelter where I am an Animal Care Specialist and Behavior Tech.  She is extremely reliable and helped many of our dogs learn not just manners, but tools of which to rehab dogs with behavior problems. She was a key factor in multiple dogs finding their forever homes through our program. I recommend her services to anyone and everyone!”  

Lisa Sturm, Sit Happens Dog Training, Christchurch, NZ

“Having met Kelly was a true blessing for me, my classes, my private training and my work with my own dogs. 

Kelly’s educated clarity on training topics has brought my understanding of training to a new level which I am incredibly grateful for.”